Thank you to our family, friends and to beautiful Nova Scotia.


Harvest Highway               


We’ll take a ride on the Harvest Highway

I’ll show you a good way to live

Come with me we’ll drive

the beautiful Joggin Bridge


cause life’s one big adventure

and I wanna live with you

in this wonderful place we call our home

and our adventure too


The Valley is ripe for the picking

nutritious food to eat

friends and families a’gather

for a bountiful feast


Down the Evangeline trail

onward we go

planting joy and happiness

reaping what we sow


Round the twist and the turns of the lighthouse Trail

We’ll cruise down the coast

Laughter, love , family and friends

Raise our glass and toast



Bootlegger Saturday Night


Gear up the 4 wheeler we’re heading for the bootlegger 

have some drinks share some stories it’s Saturday night


Probably worked harder than you, you and you

I can back up my story with a fistfight

make it an arm wrestle and if you win

I’ll buy you a beer and challenge you again


Cause it’s a Bootleggar Saturday Night

Everyone’s feeling alright

Party until the daylight

On a Bootleggar Saturday Night


Steamed clams, melted butter and Rappie Pie

Our team wins washers against those other guys

Floater suits are the fashion, helmets the headdress

A fashionable crew, the best stories impress


Bring your old lady, I’ll bring mine

They can get drunk on homemade wine

Maybe we’l l get lucky then fall asleep to a snore

Next Saturday night we’s be drinkin some more


Summer Good Times


Bring on the good times, summer is here

Boating, fishing, BBQ’s and cold beer

School is now out, joy of freedom calls

sleeping in late, I love it all 


Bring on the good times, summer is here

Warm memories to carry us throughout the year


Loon call on the lake, swimming to the raft

sunned toes on the dock in colourful flip flops 

a good book read, mid afternoon naps 

berry picking with friends, picnics and potlucks


Slip n slide, and bubbles, sandcastles and kites 

3 legged races, 4 wheelers and pedal bikes 

Patio lanterns, sparklers and fireflies 

songs and marshmallows around a bonfire



Making Wine


Making wine feeling fine

spending my time, making wine


Get me a bucket, get me the spoon

sprinkle the yeast, we’ll have some soon

Put in the carboy, add the airlock

in less than thirty days we’ll be drinking our lot


Red and white, sweet and dry 

so many yummy, kinds to try

Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc,

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


It’s bottling time, taste and try

Our hard work, and month gone by

Drinks down easy, goes down fast 

just can’t seem to make it last



Living Days


Don’t know how it’ll all work out I have no doubt of my fate

Blindly I stumble through my life looking for what’s right I wont worry

No regrets just time to choose there’s no time to lose what’ll be will be


Oh tell me of the stories about the good ole’ days

Oh little do we realize we are living them today


Lets take the time to enjoy what’s now and somehow we’ll come 


Hold my hand we’ll run through the fields, ride the ferris wheel, 

enjoy the view

So I don’t understand it all, no time to stall learn as I go


Let’s climb a tree, fly a plane, sail the sea, live while we can

Lie in the sun, watch a shooting star, then see how fast we can run

Dance in the rain, plant a garden, drink some tea, sing psalms of 




Maritime Winter 


The birds are heading South the leaves start to fall

I’m stacking my wood for a long winter’s haul

The daylight grows shorter . It’s crisp in the air

Winter’s coming on boys, it’s time to prepare


For winter is long here, winter is cold

But it’s a good time for young and for old


Rossing up the bow, tune the guitar

We’ll pass time, with a song in our hearts

We’ll play in the snow, raise our children right

Read lots of books by candlelight


Pickles and jellies lined on the shelf

Get the deer in the freezer don’t want to run out

We’ll bundle up warmly sit by the hearth

In daylight or storm state wear your mittens and scarf


The crockpot simmers, movies are watched

board games are played lessons learnt, lessons taught

Might save our money, fly south for a week

But when we return we extra freeze


Almanac predictions say its gonna be long

til April showers, May flowers and winter is gone



Fisher of the Sea

written by Susan Amon


My Daddy was a fisher of the sea

one day he left and didn’t take me

waited for Daddy to come home to me

but my Daddy was lost at sea 


poor Mama sat by the window and cried

that’s when I realized my Daddy had died

they searched for Daddy all through the night

but My Daddy was no where in sight 


A small piece of jacket was all that was found

buried that jacket deep in the ground

Poor mama sat by the window and cried

Couldn’t except that her husband had died


My Daddy was a Fisher of the sea

One day he left and didn’t take me

So hug your Daddy and say goodbye

You’ll never know when your Daddy will die

Daddy will die, so say goodbye



Seafest Song


Oh Oh Seafest come on out we’re gonna have a good time

Good time Seafest foggy or in sunshine


Activities for everyone

come on out have some fun

Children’s parade, picnic in the park

boatbuilding and driftwood art.


Princessess classic cars

Live music bands with guitars

Fish feast at Alma square

best fishcakes anywhere


Parades a coming people line the street

Handmade floats, marching bands keep beat

Sheila Poole 10K race

Running through this beautiful place


Lobster boil on Killiams Wharf

Ooh and aah at the fireworks

Ghost Tour throughout the town

Meet at Frost Park, the old burial ground


Rum running races , mackerel toss

make our own fun at local cost

Lighthouse bonfire by the Sea

marshmallows for you and me


Port Maitland Beach Party

sandcastles and volleyball teams

Activities for everyone

come on out and have some fun



Lovely Little Lockeport 


Lovely little Lockeport 

Peninsula loving tight

Pentecostal parking

we spent the night


Pulled in with camper

no place to hide 

ocean around us 

On all 3 sides


Went for a morning Jog 

Lockeport loop way

Ran crescent beach 

To Allendale Bay


Ladies adorn you 

harmony in the air

singing their songs 

Hugs and smiles everywhere


If I were a pirate 

I would know where to land

With a big jug of wine 

Instrument in my hand


Stroll on Seacap Lighthouse Stage 

sing some songs with me 

Harmony Bazaar

Women wild and free


B0T 1L0

One postal code

Women wild and free

That's where I wanna be


Woman wild in free 

in Harmony




Go straight to Halifax


You drank all my whiskey, drank all my rum

I’m tired of your living life on the run

Why don’t you carry on, further down the road 

In fact you can go, straight to Halifax 


Halifax, oh Halifax at the end of 102

Go up or down the road, cause that’s all you know how to do


You leave my house messy, never clean a thing

Foods all gone, empty bottles in the fridge 

don’t stop here, keep moving down the road

In fact you can go, straight to Halifax 


Your not as good looking, as you used to seem 

What used to smell good, all just stinks 

not welcome here no more, don’t come to my door

In fact you can go, straight to Halifax



The Vanguard 

Living in a one paper town 

old news is good news to be passed around 

The Obits are most read alongside community events 

SPCA listing and birth announcements 


Clip me a picture if I make it in the old black and white

It’s surely a scrapbooker on the fridge by magnet

A dollar twenty five plus HST

Guarantees you a fifteen minute read


The stories to the point, editorials long

Sport brief results are never wrong

Theatre reviews by the library booklist

RCMP report, hard to resist


Lots of houses for sale, not many jobs

Unless you go West, where you don’t belong

I recognize all the faces, went to school with half

The weekly Vanguard beats the daily Telegraph